Talon3“I wanted to shoot you a quick email and thank you again for the great work you have done on our son Talon. His lip is looking great and we are very happy with his progress. Since his last surgery he has had quite a few teeth come in and so far they are in the correct place.”

I thought you might like some photos of your handiwork, before and after. I know you are not finished with Abbie yet but maybe these pictures would comfort someone whose child needs your help. If anyone asks you what you do for a living just tell them, MIRACLES.
—Sue (Abbie’s adoring grandma)

Thank you for all you do for our patients; your kindness is much appreciated.

Thank you Dr. Schmelzer! Benjamin has four big brothers and sisters excited to help him learn to talk. Having this surgery will be a great way to celebrate his second birthday. Thanks for doing this surgery and please give our appreciation to your team as well.
—Benjamin, Frank, and Inger

MiraAs you may or may not know, our daughter’s first birthday is January 7th. You are receiving this letter as a special note of our gratitude. You should know that because of you, Mira Belle is a happy, healthy one year old. Because of your time, your ability, your caring, and your friendship, she is reminding her parents on a daily basis what the word “joy” means. We wanted to say thank you for making a difference in our lives.
—Sunshine, Ryan and Mira

Every hour we sat in the waiting room, we received a call from the operation room with updates. Each call to a nervous family is worth its weight in gold. The Doctors’ report of a successful surgery and what to expect next sounded like words from heaven to us. We will be forever grateful for their medical skills. I realize this type of event occurs every day at PCMC, but on that day, for this family, it was the single most important event that occurred at Intermountain. Thanks from a thankful heart.
—David and Nan

The stitches look great!

MiraGod bless you for making me better.

Thank you for everything and for being a big part of Ryan’s life. We truly appreciate all that you have done for us!

You are a great quarterback, and I am so thankful you are on my team! Thank you for the candidness that you had with us today. I really appreciate the honesty and compassion that you have for my children, Jake, and I.