Craniofacial Treatment Options

When a child is born with a craniofacial abnormality, there are many unknowns for the parents. It can be a terrifying experience to imagine your child born with one or more problems. As scary as this can be, there is help available. The Craniofacial Foundation of Utah offers diagnosis, treatment, support and therapy for families and children suffering from an abnormality. The team of doctors and medical professionals has extensive experience in treating many different types of craniofacial disorders. They can help your child live a full, happy life.

Services and Treatment Options

There are a range of craniofacial abnormalities, and it’s important to receive the correct diagnosis so the treatment works appropriately. At the Craniofacial Foundation of Utah, the team will provide a thorough consultation with the parents, while also performing a complete examination. Based on the findings, they will recommend a service to treat the abnormality. Here are a few treatment options for some of the more common craniofacial disorders.

  • Cleft Lip

Depending on the severity of the disorder, the doctor may recommend taping the lip, performing surgery or performing a nonsurgical method called Nasoalveolar Molding that utilizes orthodontic practices to redirect the natural growth of the lip and bring it back together.

  • Microtia/Ear Deformities

Microtia treatment usually begins around 6-8 years of age and requires surgery that is performed in three different parts. The team consists of a craniofacial plastic surgeon, an ENT surgeon, an audiologist, a speech therapist and a social therapist. They all work together to reconstruct and develop the natural ear.

  • Craniosynostosis

Craniosynostosis usually requires surgery between 4-10 months old, but sometimes may be performed earlier if the child suffers from a different variation. Doctors may remove the entire skull fuse and remodel. The risk to the child is minimal when done at a professional center like the Craniofacial Foundation of Utah.

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If your child suffers from a craniofacial disorder, contact the experienced team at the Craniofacial Foundation of Utah. You will be surrounded by experienced doctors and medical professionals who can give your child what they need to live a normal, healthy life.

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